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About the event

Here is a detailed overview of the upcoming event's schedule, focusing on our mission, vision, and the goals we aim to achieve. Our event is meticulously planned to ensure a blend of physical activity, spiritual growth, and nutritional education, fostering an environment of holistic well-being.

9 AM

We will commence at 9 am with an opening prayer, setting a positive tone for the day. This will be followed by a 1-mile walk to promote unity and physical health, leading into a session of Yoga, Pilates, and flexibility exercises designed to enhance our participants' physical and mental well-being.


10 AM

At 10 am, we will shift our focus towards spiritual growth with a breakfast session. Cheryl Oliver will be our speaker, sharing insights on spiritual health and its importance in our daily lives.

11 AM

Following this, at 11 am, we will engage in Aerobic Dancing, Line Dancing, and Zumba, accompanied by refreshments and supplements from Advocare and Herbalife, alongside presentations from various meal prep companies. This segment is designed to inject energy and fun into our event, while also emphasizing the importance of nutrition.


12 PM

The event will culminate at 12 pm with a Mega Boot Camp, after which I will have the honor of speaking on Optimal Fitness during our lunch session. This will be an opportunity to reflect on the day's activities and discuss strategies for integrating what we've learned into our everyday lives.

I look forward to your participation and contribution to making this event a success. Your support and involvement are crucial to our mission of promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Best regards,


Calvin Lawson




Just For My Soul Ministries is a discipleship ministry. Just For My Soul is purposed to walk with and guide individuals into an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ through biblical teaching, personal testimonies, prayer, and mentoring. The ultimate intent of JMS is for a person to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, to have peace within their soul, to learn purpose for their lives, and to mentor someone else along the way.

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