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Hoop Dreams youth Basketball Training

Hoop dreams was designed to help the parents of young athletes. Helping your young athlete discover their athletic potential can become costly and time consuming. (AAU and private training, equipment) Yet the task of making the team or earning more playing time becomes increasingly harder and is always present.  Our programs remove these obstacles and focus on what's truly important for your young athlete’s development. Not to knock these programs, I love any organization that promotes the game of basketball. But not every organization is created equally and some can do more harm than good. Some can actually kill your athlete's dream. Our programs are sports science based and age specific for all levels of development. Our prices reflect that we are not out to get rich either. Our basketball training is a proven system that has helped countless athletes become great people, great players, and great team mates. The athlete’s character, physical body, and skill should always be the primary focus.(In that order) 

I believe a player is a reflection of his parents and coaches.  Keep in mind your young athlete will have several coaches throughout their career. The heart and soul of our organization are our coaches. Each coach has been carefully chosen. Each coach has personally mastered their craft at some point in their athletic career. Together our collective experiences and our individual approach to coaching the game is what makes Hoop Dreams effective and unique. We pride ourselves on giving great service, effective training programs, and quality coaching.

Great Coaches

I regret not understanding the power, importance, and necessity of a great coach.

We had a few stud coaches at one of my high schools. However, Coach Mike Treybig (TRYBIG) was extremely strict and consistent. I literally ran away from Coach Treybig. I say again, he was tough, at the time I thought he was crazy. We didn't just run, we ran for time, and the times were never the same. He made me actually cry a few times. He never saw it, but I would walk home and I could hear him yelling at me " You don't want to be great"! He was right!  I couldn't connect the dots between his insane workouts, his strict demands, his intimidating stares, ultimately his passion to see us succeed and my personal greatness. But everyone of my teammates (football and basketball) that ran track, he turned them into studs and state champs. Can't help but realize what I missed by not stepping up to his challenges. I was decent and some might call me pretty good. But I'm just being honest, had I bowed down and let Coach Treybig have his way. Lord knows.....

Someone pushing you to be great can never push you too far if greatness is your goal. You can't get there without a great coach! Blessings

Great Coaches

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  • Featured Coach at every Clinic (Retired Professionals)

  • Prizes

  • Skills Challenges

  • Scrimmages

  • Character and Discipline 

  • Fundamentals and Basketball I.Q.

  • Skill Development

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Injury Prevention

  • Nutrition

Camp Dates:

The last Saturday of every month.  8am - 1pm

  1. April 1st - Character and Discipline 

  • Try outs 

  • Training

  • $50

  1. April 29th - Ball Handling and Shooting

  2. May 27th - Strength and Conditioning

  3. June 24th - Injury Prevention

  4. July 29th - Nutrition

  5. August 19th - Ball Out Tournament


The camp is for boys and girls from 1st grade to 10th grade.

Ball handling
form shooting

  • Make the Team

  • Earn Playing time

  • Get Stronger

  • Jump Higher

  • Play Hard for 4 quarters

  • Become a Competitor

  • Play with Confidence

  • Finish Strong


6 Weeks of

April 17 - May 31

(14 sessions)


Mondays and Wednesdays

6 - 8pm


Training is for boys and girls from 1st grade to 10th grade.


Stafford High School

1625 Staffordshire Rd

Stafford, TX 77477


$50 WKLY 

  • Multiple Athlete Discount

  • Discount for S.Y.B.A Athletes

  • Zelle, Cash, or Cash App

Coach lawson

Calvin Lawson is native to the Fort bend area as a student, resident, and business owner. With over 25 years of coaching and training experience, Mr. Lawson has become established as a passionate, committed, reliable mentor for anyone trying to improve their health or performance.  He is the owner of Infinite Fitness, a personal training boutique located in Stafford, Tx.  He is a graduate of Stafford High School where his team won state in 1992. As a highly decorated student athlete, Mr. Lawson went on to play football at Missouri Valley College, and eventually played semi-pro football, before retiring to Open Infinite Fitness. Mr. Lawson currently serves as the Athletic Director for the S.Y.B.A. (Stafford Youth Basketball Association) Mr. Lawson has many gifts but none compare to his ability to connect to the youth. His efforts are documented and the results are proven. Mr. Lawson was born to be a coach.

Coach lawson

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