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Coach lawson

Calvin Lawson is native to the Fort bend area as a student, resident, and business owner. With over 25 years of coaching and training experience, Mr. Lawson has become established as a passionate, committed, reliable mentor for anyone trying to improve their health or performance.  He is the owner of Infinite Fitness, a personal training boutique located in Stafford, Tx.  He is a graduate of Stafford High School where his team won state in 1992. As a highly decorated student athlete, Mr. Lawson went on to play football at Missouri Valley College, and eventually played semi-pro football, before retiring to Open Infinite Fitness. Mr. Lawson currently serves as the Athletic Director for the S.Y.B.A. (Stafford Youth Basketball Association) Mr. Lawson has many gifts but none compare to his ability to connect to the youth. His efforts are documented and the results are proven. Mr. Lawson was born to be a coach.

Great Coaches

I regret not understanding the power, importance, and necessity of a great coach.

We had a few stud coaches at one of my high schools. However, Coach Mike Treybig (TRYBIG) was extremely strict and consistent. I literally ran away from Coach Treybig. I say again, he was tough, at the time I thought he was crazy. We didn't just run, we ran for time, and the times were never the same. He made me actually cry a few times. He never saw it, but I would walk home and I could hear him yelling at me " You don't want to be great"! He was right!  I couldn't connect the dots between his insane workouts, his strict demands, his intimidating stares, ultimately his passion to see us succeed and my personal greatness. But everyone of my teammates (football and basketball) that ran track, he turned them into studs and state champs. Can't help but realize what I missed by not stepping up to his challenges. I was decent and some might call me pretty good. But I'm just being honest, had I bowed down and let Coach Treybig have his way. Lord knows.....

Someone pushing you to be great can never push you too far if greatness is your goal. You can't get there without a great coach! Blessings

Affiliate Programs

(Stafford Youth Basketball Association)


Baller Academy


Camps, Clinics, Training:

Camps - 2 days or more of Instructions and Practice

Clinics - 1 day Event 6 - 8 hours of instructions and practice​

Training - 1 on 1 or group practices 1- 2 hours. 



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Events are for boys and girls from 1st grade to 9th grade. 


Landmark Community Center

100 Louisiana St. Missouri City, TX, 77489


Stafford High School

Stafford, TX  77477

Blue Ridge Park "The Hill"

5600 Court Rd. Houston TX 77051


Questions: Call or text 832.722.8426


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